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Mavala Stop
Mavala Stop - discourages nail biting and thumb sucking.

Nail biting is a nervous habit, which can rapidly become uncontrollable.
It has a bitter yet harmless taste and the appearance of clear enamel. Helps break the nail biting habit and thumb sucking. Works for children (more than 3 years old) and adults.

Biting your nails can be a real problem. It gives an unfavourable impression and is usually a reflection of personal anxiety or nervousness.

We are going to help you overcome this disagreeable habit, but in order to do this you must recognize the underlying reasons. Nail biting is, in fact, an uncontrollable reflex which usually occurs during a particular situation: i.e. waiting at a red light, talking on the phone, during a moment of reflection, looking for an answer, etc.

To break this persistant habit, we have devised a schedule for you to follow. Set a goal for yourself, week by week, and in a month you will have beaten this problem. The reward will be beautiful, healthy nails that all your friends will envy.

Treatment schedule
Day 1 : The decision is made!
This treatment should only be applied on nine nails, leaving the little finger on your left hand free if you are right-handed, or on your right hand if you are left-handed.
Apply one or two coats of Mavala Nail Shield Phase 1, a strengthener with nylon fibres which spread over the nail like a lattice to strengthen almost like a second nail.
Apply Phase 2, the sealer, which smooths the tiny rough patches created by the nylon fibres. Your nails are now protected by a strong shield.
Then brush on a coat of MAVALA STOP, a completely harmless product with the appearance of clear nail polish. As soon as your nails touch your mouth, the bitter taste of MAVALA STOP will remind you of your good intentions and prevent you from biting your nails.
If the urge to bite your nails is overpowering, you still have your unprotected little fingernail to satisfy your need and limit the damage.

Day 2 : Add cuticle care to your programme.
Reinforce the bitterness of MAVALA STOP every day by applying a fresh coat.
To keep yourself from wanting to "chew", pay attention to your cuticles by massaging Cuticle Cream into your nail contour. Cuticle Cream softens the cuticle and makes it supple. No more hangnails to tempt you to groom them with your teeth.

Day 3 to 5 : Carry emery boards in your pocket.
From now on, always carry a pocket of emery boards with you so you can instantly correct any catches your nails may develop.
Remember your daily coat fo MAVALA STOP and massage cuticles once or twice a day with Cuticle Cream.

Day 6 : You start to see results.
Using Extra Mild Nail Polish Remover, take off the coats of MAVALA STOP and Nail Shield. Proceed with a traditional manicure. With the fine side of the emery board, smooth any irregularities so that your nails will not snag on anything and tear.
Apply Cuticle Remover around the nails. In a few seconds, the dead skin will be pliable. Using a manicure stick covered with cotton-wool, roll back the cuticle and gently shape the contour. NEVER CUT CUTICLES !
Wash hands and clean nails with a soft brush. Then follow with the two phases of Nail Shield and a coat of MAVALA STOP.

Day 7 to 12 : Persevere!
Keep up the good work. You are off to a good beginning. Put on a coat of MAVALA STOP daily and massage cuticles once or twice a day with Cuticle Cream.
Look at your nails and be proud when they cover the end of your fingers and your cuticles are less ragged and red.

Day 13 : A white edge shows.
A real nail is coming ! Give yourself a manicure as on Day 6.

Day 14 to 20 : Stick to it!
The hardest part has passed and the goal is in sight. Continue putting on a daily coat of MAVALA STOP and massage your cuticles with Cuticle Cream once or twice a day.

Day 21 : Keep up your courage; you are on the right track.
Already three weeks without biting your nails ! You can see that your nails are growing and the free edge is a few millimetres long.
It is now time to start with Mavala Scientifique. Apply only to nail tips to harden and fortify the new nail (see instructions). Continue to manicure your nails as on Day 6.
You can start wearing a light nail enamel now.

Day 22 to 27 : The end is in sight.
Soon you will have the satisfaction of beautiful, long nails. By now you will find that you no longer want to bite that tenth nail; give it the same treatment you've given the others.
Put on a daily coat of MAVALA STOP and massage your cuticles with Cuticle Cream once or twice a day.

Day 28 : What pleasure!
Proceed with your fourth complete manicure using the same method as days 6, 13 and 21. You are starting to have real fingernails; your dream will soon come true.

Day 29 to 32 : Almost there!
Don't let up. Continue to put on your daily coat of MAVALA STOP and massage your cuticles with Cuticle Cream once or twice a day.

Day 33 : VICTORY!
See, it wasn't so complicated to break this bad habit. All that was necessary was your desire to do it, and this simple programme from MAVALA. In a short time, you have definitely shed this bad habit and shown your strength of character. Congratulations !
From this point on, we suggest you keep MAVALA STOP handy if you feel you will be entering a stressful period.
Now that you have reached your goal, keep up these good habits and treat yourself to a weekly manicure to maintain this well-groomed look. When you stop using Nail Shield, always protect your nails with a MAVALA base coat under polish.

MAVALA STOP may be used by children over 3 years. Younger children have no taste yet, so that the bitterness of MAVALA STOP will not disturb them.
We recommend to children and adults who are sucking their thumb or fingers to wear gloves while they sleep.

This product is amazing. I've been biting my nails for more than 15 years (I'm almost 22), and I managed to stop completely in three weeks.

Mainly, I had to become aware of what I was physically doing so I could stop doing it. Because of the horrible, bitter, lingering taste of Mavala Stop, I gradually became aware of what I was doing and could consciously think about my actions. It forced me to be conscious of my bad habit. Secondly, the nasty taste removed any enjoyment or stress relief I got from biting my nails since it was so incredibly unpleasant. I became very wary, very quickly. This combination of factors made it possible for me to stop, which I thought I could never do.

The taste is really horrible. It's like acetone (nail polish remover), bitter, rotten wood, and some sort of fish put together. It has a very chemical taste with a sweet undertone that makes for a horrible experience. The taste is also very durable and lingering. If you licked a nail painted with Mavala Stop, it would take a few minutes to get the taste out. The taste was so bad, in my opinion, that getting it off of my teeth, lips, and tongue when I slipped up stopped whatever I was doing or thinking about. It's very, very gross. Two coats of polish will last for more than one full week before rubbing off. It can help to freshen it up during the week to keep the taste at full unpleasantness.

It ruined finger foods for me during the time I used it. My fingers periodically touched my lips while I was eating, and the nasty taste would rub off slightly. This made me lick my lips a lot to remove the taste quicker-- it's easier to get it over with quickly than to try to avoid it on your lips--which made them lose moisture and chap badly. So you should also buy some lip balm at the same time. If you touch a nail with a fingertip, it will rub off there, too, and from there can transfer to coffee cups, pencils, hors d'oeuvres, etc. Wash your hands before you eat anything that might touch them.

There were no English directions packaged with the product. I don't think this is a problem, since the directions are pretty much obvious (Shake. Paint nails. Gag at taste) but it might be a concern for some people. A great deal of other languages were represented in the instruction pamphlet, including German, Portugese, Spanish, French, and a number of Asian languages.

Mavala Stop has a shine comparable to clear nail polish, but not as shiny as premium or ultra-shine clear nail polish. Your nails will probably not look natural, but if that's a concern, you could probably lie and say it's just a nice, buffed manicure. It could easily be worn over nail polish and would probably work like an extra protective topcoat. The shiny quality rubs out over time. At the end of a week it will be duller and more matte, but also less effective.

The bottle holds roughly the same amount as a regular bottle of nail polish, but Mavala Stop seems to be of a slightly thinner consistency. I recommend carrying the bottle with you in a pocket or purse so that if you must do something to your nails, it can at least be a touch-up. Washing your hands seems to dull it out more quickly, and removes some of the taste, but not all, by far. It does not wash out with water and soap, but the power is reduced.

The only reason you would fail with this product is if you can't bring yourself to enforce it. You have to make sure you put it on and touch it up. The temptation of not putting it on or letting it wear off quickly is certainly there. I would advise getting someone else involved who will scold you or remind you about it.

I would recommend this product to anyone. The price is worth it as it works very well. I am very pleased with the result.
(KRC - Arcata, CA)

How to use:
Apply a coat over the entire nail (or polish) and allow to dry. Repeat the application every two days. Continue the treatment until nail biting is ended.


Never wash hands immediately after application.

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.